Edenvale - San Jose Community Information

An upholder of San Jose's Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, the community of Edenvale aspires to the betterment, beautification and safety of its own area while also keeping in sync with citywide resources and trends. San Jose's status as the safest large American city and Edenvale residents' community pride make the area an attractive and family-friendly place in which to live. Edenvale encompasses more than 2,000 households. Its community-oriented citizens are known to work together for common concerns. The community's recreational center complete with class and conference space exists because residents banded together to revive an old, donated building.

Edenvale residents also enjoy the numerous recreational possibilities afforded by their community's ideal Bay Area location. The popular Lake Cunningham Park offers a natural fitness haven for locals, offering activities ranging from volleyball to sailing. Adjacent to the park is the historic Hayes Mansion, an estate that has been renovated to accommodate the desires of both the business-minded and the retreat-inclined. Nearly 30 acres of plush park grounds, spa amenities and tennis courts surround the meeting rooms and restaurants.